Property Management


We secure vacant spaces against the threat of squatters, vandals, arson, graffiti and fly-tipping. Our team assess all potential access points and will get to work in securing the site. Once that is complete we then put appropriate signage, lighting and deterrents in order to maintain the security of the building.

Site Specific Assessment
Our site specific assessment model, analyses a space in order to determine its most appropriate use taking in needs of the owner/developer, future plans for the space, the local area and all stakeholders into account. Once the appropriate usage has been determined we then put together a plan in how to implement that usage which in turn determines the levels of refurbishment necessary.

Clearance & Refurbishment
Our team will then get to work clearing site and putting plans into place for appropriate refurbishment work along with updating any H&S compliance where necessary.

Utilising A Location
Through our site specific assessment, we would have determined the most appropriate solution to the vacant space for all stakeholders of the site. This can be individual usage or as a mixed used scheme.
Potential solutions include:
•  Vacant SecuredPremise
•  Guardianship/Creative Studios/Workshops
•  Film & Event Locations
•  Mixed Use Spaces: Combination of the above maximising costs that can be covered by a scheme.

Through developing locations over the past 8 years our team can plan and implement concise schemes with tight timelines meeting needs of owners/developers/agents quickly.

Case Studies

The Old Joinery

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